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       Heze is the world's largest production base of the most peony varieties, scientific research bases, export base and ornamental base. Existing cultivated area of 50,000 mu, nine color is, more than 600 varieties, marketing, Beijing, tianjin, Shanghai, guangzhou, shenzhen and other more than 100 major cities, exported to Japan, France, Canada and so on more than 20 countries and regions. Heze peony is elegant, colour colourful fragrant, in 99 'kunming international horticultural exposition on scored 81 awards. 
      Heze peony history also called CaoZhou peony.With its large flowers, color is colourful, type beauty, fragrant and famous .Heze peony's characteristics is Tall and straight stems ,Lush leaves,Elegant flower reputed ornamental peony of top grade .Currently heze peony black, red, yellow ix color 1156 varieties by aqsiq origin mark certified certification! 
      Peony from China, known as the "GuoSeTianXiang" "in the flower emperor". The large flowers, color is colourful, type beauty, gorgeous, elegant, proud pride. Ancient Chinese people to "visual peony peace, happiness and riches and honour" symbol. 
     GuoSeTianXiang heze peony flowers center is located in heze biggest bowl CaoZhou bowl front ,This center have peony 9 colors 200 varieties, peony has more than 80 varieties, and carries on the national size bowl and local push flower business. The center has professional push flower technician 7, peony management technician 10, peony herbaceous base 500 mus. 



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